What Do You Know About Wealth Education?

Did you ever look up the word wealth education? If you have, you may have come across many different things like wealth education school, coaching in wealth education, negative input of certain wealth education site, but you may have also come across poverty college or poverty war college.

Why is that, really? So few the options when we are trying to survive the next crash that will possibly wipe out the middle class. Are you ready for it? Wealth education should be a curriculum or materials that will get you ready, if you are willing to take that step to change your mindset, for the ups and downs of any life changing experiences you may encounter. Let me rephrase that, when you applied for your recent job application, did they ask for your GPA in high school or college, no I don’t think so. Has the job you are at the moment teaching you skills that you can take with you anywhere? The job you are presently at, is it teaching you to be rich, how to manage your money responsibly and be aware of your health? Maybe not.

My friend it is time for you to take your wealth education seriously. You, I and many of us are groaning and complaining about the bailouts and everything else, but you know what, none of that matters when the big tide comes and wipes out those that are still clinging to the old economy mentality. That economy doesn’t exist anymore. It is time for you to change the old mentality and get with the program.

One of the authors to get you started and get you motivated in changing with the times that are coming is Wallace Wattles. Others are Esther Hicks, the famous Robert Kiyosaki and Ron Paul. Some of these will help you change your mind and become creative and free. These people are a few of course of many that decided to go the unbeaten path with much success. Don’t wait until it is too late because the roof you may be under may not be over your head in the time to come.